Stallkamp Press Screw Separator

The high performance industrial dewatering press separates liquid from solids. It operates continuously and automatically according to the principle of the press screw separator.

The Stallkamp SEPARATOR is suitable for many applications:

  • biogas plants: separation of digestates
  • agriculture and live stock breeding: separation of slurry (beef, pork etc.)
  • slaughter houses: separation of paunch and gut contents
  • meat industry: waste water treatment
  • food industry: e.g. separation of vegetable refuse
  • distilleries and breweries: dewatering of mash and malt residuum
  • pulp and paper industry: waste water treatment 

Why buy a Stallkamp Separator

  • robust and durable construction
  • use of high quality materials and components
  • armour-plated stainless steel press screw
  • counter bearing on the press screw for especially accurate running thereby higher durability of the screen and press screw
  • screen cylinder made of stainless steel
  • service friendly construction: easy removal of outlet for solids, screen and press screw
  • energy efficient SEW industrial motor with integrated motor protection switch and protective cover
  • reliable sealing between separator casing and geared motor with an additional chamber between motor and separator housing
  • 2 large access hatches
  • several deployment-specific options
  • optionally integrated cleaning system
  • Made in Germany: German engineering quality

Liquid Fraction (holds the higher percentage of nitrogen, phosphate and potash)
- Stored slurry volume reduced by 15 up to 30%
- Separated slurry no longer forms sediments and floating crusts - no mixing
  required before distribution
- Lower nitrogen loss (NH3, CH4, N2O) during storage and distribution due to
  extraction of solids and carbon
- Distinctly reduced smell
- More accurate nutrient analysis makes it possible to determine the ideal time of
-Greater pumping efficiency
- Much better infiltration to the soil and less adhesion to the plants ensure that
  nutrients are more quickly absorbed and crop damage by burning is diminished

Solid Fraction
- Self-composting, odourless and stackable
- High solids contents allows storage without any special provisions
- Improves the soil structure and increases the humus content
- Apart from agricultural areas, suitable also for other applications where
  nutrients are required
- Easy to transport and sell
- Re-use for bedding

TRAMSPREAD can design and install bespoke separation systems to suit your requirements.