Albers Alligator Bagbanks – Slurry and Digestate Storage

Albers Alligator Bagtanks are available in sizes up to 7000m3 and are an excellent option for a permanent store allowing simple and effective management of slurry, maintaining the nutrient value and keeping out rainwater. They can be fitted with either electric or hydraulic stirrers and incorporate one or two fill/empty pipes with double sluice valves, and are quickly installed into a pre prepared ground work by our skilled installation team.

Albers Alligator Winbags are a temporary store with sizes from 100m3 to 350m3. Winbags are an option to traditional nurse tanks and require only smooth level ground on which to stand. They have as standard two inlet/outlets on one end and are designed to be used in conjunction with the Winsystem which is a reeler that rolls up the bag and can then transport it to another site and lay it out ready to use again.