Bauer Magnum Long Shaft Pump LE/P



The Bauer long shaft pump is the ideal solution for short distance transfer i.e. from reception pit to larger store or to feed a separator. The stirring nozzle with large swivel range offers enormous stirring performance, breaking up even extremely thick and viscous floating crusts in no time. The pump chops up all solids and stringy materials and mixes them to a homogenous pulp.   


Bauer long shaft pumps are available with electric drive (LE) or tractor driven (LP).

(Download leaflet for performance curves)

Bauer Submersible Motor Pump

The Bauer submersible motor pump gives excellent performance and a long life span.   With driving power from 4kw to 15kw, discharge head from 3m to 21m and dicharge capacities from 20m³/h to 240m³/h it is suitable for a wide range of slurry management applications including biogas plants. Expect outstanding cutting performance and 30% higher efficiency over competitor models.  

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(Download leaflet for performance curves)