Engine Driven Pumps

(download Tramspread Umbilical Systems PDF)

TRAMSPREAD engine driven pumps can be made to individual requirements and specifications. Options - include radio control, flow meters, skid mounted units.

A 170hp diesel engine fitted with a Murphy engine control panel c/w rev counter, hour meter, low oil pressure and high water temperature protection. The engine is direct coupled to a Bauer SX 2000 slurry pump with 6" inlet, 4" outlet, gate valve and compressor coupling. A Bauer priming unit is direct coupled to a 5hp Honda petrol engine. All mounted on a heavy duty chassis with wheels, tyres and road lighting. Skid frames available.

(download leaflet for performance curves)

New TRAMSPREAD Contractors Trailer Pumping Unit

The 8.6m long trailer is equipped with a 170hp diesel engine connected to a Bauer SX2000 slurry pump complete with priming system and mounted at low level to the rear of the trailer for easy attachment of hoses. Up to 2,000m of drag hose is carried on two TRAMSPREAD galvanised detachable spools located at the front of the trailer. Over the twin sprung high speed axles there is a large 900 litre fuel tank over which is mounted a compressor and a load area with two large tool boxes.

Original TRAMSPREAD Contractors Trailer Pumping Unit

A 7.3m long trailer incorporating a load tray, four pin locating load area for a 1000m, 1200m or 1400m TRAMSPREAD mounted reeler, rear mounted engine driven pump unit complete with fuel tank and compressor. The trailer is fitted with a commercial axle, hydraulic brakes, parking brake and 385 x 65R22.5 wheels and tyres.