flow-monitoiring-1.jpg Krohne Optiflux 2100w Flowmeter

The Krohne Optiflux is the first step in flow monitoring. It can be fitted in the pipeline either close to the pump or on the applicator. It has two totalizers which can be reset and shows the flow rate, normally in cubic metres per hour.

RDS Delta 34i

The RDS Delta 34i coupled with the Krohne flowmeter takes the next step and includes a speed sensor and implement width input which enables the operator to view the volume spread/ hectare, and holds data on area spread per field. It also has an SD card slot which enables information to be downloaded to a computer.


The raven box enables the Krone Optiflux 2100w Flowmeter to be connected to the tractor’s ISOBUS system so the operator can read and download information from the tractor’s screen. When GPS is fitted to the tractor, full field mapping, which shows application and coverage of slurry, can be stored onto a flash drive and downloaded onto the office computer.