Tractor Driven Pump


A tractor driven pump is a cost-effective and economical solution for spreading slurry. This equipment is available in range of sizes, geared to larger or smaller farmers and umbilical systems. These pumps are cheaper than engine driven ones because they harness the power of your tractor rather than needing a separate engine.

Tramspread supplies the Bauer tractor driven slurry pump range with models which are suitable for different sizes of farm and varied applications, in addition to pumps which are suitable for use by contractors. Based at Stowmarket in Suffolk, we supply pumps to farmers in Cambridgeshire, Essex and further afield.

Pumps for Larger Farms and Contractors

The Bauer Magnum SX1000 is the ideal model of umbilical pump for people running larger farms and also for agricultural contractors. The Bauer brand has been established for over 80 years and has built a reputation for quality and durability. Components of its pumps are engineered for long life, with high resistance to wear and special coatings.

This pump model is typically used with hose lines to feed slurry distribution systems and can also be used with irrigation systems. It offers a high capacity of up to 300 cubic metres per hour, using a minimum power input of 150hp.

The pump also gives high performance in terms of cutting, since it is fitted with a powerful chopper, meaning it can be used with slurry which contains up to 12% solids. The chopper can deal effectively with long fibres, including straw and clots, and will stop the pump from becoming blocked.

Advantages of the Magnum SX1000 include its reliability, with contractors saying these machines rarely need adjustment when in use. It is simple to mount the pump securely on a galvanised frame built for heavy duty. The high capacity and design features, including a large cross section and open impeller blade, help to ensure consistent performance when being used in the field.

The pump can optionally be used with a self-priming unit, giving automatic filling of the suction line. It is also possible to specify a non-return valve on the delivery pipework if this is desired.

Pumps for Smaller Farms and Applications

As well as supplying pumps for larger farms, Tramspread also provides models suited to smaller operations. The Bauer Magnum SM540 is still a quality machine, but it requires lower power and therefore gives a lower output. Like the larger model, this can also be used with a self-priming unit which fills the centrifugal pump and is then deactivated after completion of the filling process.

These pumps can be used in a smaller umbilical slurry system, up to 1000m, and for transferring slurry from one store to another. Accessories, which can be used together with this model of pump, include hoisting frames and pump trolleys.

Tractor Driven Pumps from Tramspread

Tramspread both manufactures and supplies slurry equipment. We can supply pumps geared to the requirements of your application and site, together with trailed hose reelers, hoses and a full range of umbilical applicators, which will spread the slurry evenly to achieve maximum effectiveness.

As well as supplying a full range of slurry handling equipment, we also carry out a contracting operation across East Anglia, using high-tech equipment for both digestate and slurry spreading. Tramspread also offers the option of umbilical equipment hire, including the Bauer Magnum SX1000 tractor driven pump.

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