Submersible Motor Pumps

Submersible motor pumps are the ideal choice of equipment for many types of applications involving slurry, including biogas plants. Tramspread supplies these pumps, manufactured by leading company Bauer, which give high performance, are durable and are highly reliable.

A Bauer submersible motor pump is estimated to be around 30% more efficient than other similar models. We can supply both submersible and long shaft pumps to customers in Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and other areas of East Anglia.

How Submersible Pumps Work

The key characteristic of submersible pumps is that they can be completely submerged in water. This means that, where other types of pump suck water upwards, a submersible pump instead pushes the water to the surface. In this type of pump, the motor is sealed hermetically, meaning it can’t be damaged by the water and avoiding the risk of causing a short circuit.

Because these pumps can be completely immersed, this means they don’t need priming. The design also helps to prevent cavitation, a mechanical problem which can affect pumps situated at a higher level than ground water. This contributes to the reliability of submersible motor pumps. Another advantage is that this kind of pump is highly efficient, since pushing the water upwards uses less energy than drawing it out from above.

Bauer Submersible Motor Pumps

Bauer pumps are designed both for durability and for high performance. Magnum CSP/ESP pumps from the range give a flow rate of 80 cubic metres per hour, meeting the Class IE2 standard for higher flow rate efficiency. The up-to-date design of the suction bell helps to ensure a fast flow. Optional leakage sensors are an extra feature giving added security.

Another key feature is a new design for the pump’s cutting device, made from quality chrome steel, which gives outstanding performance. The use of this high-grade steel has helped to make the pumps longer-lasting. The cutting device can be removed easily when it needs to be replaced and is also simple to adjust.  

Bauer Magnum pumps also include a temperature control facility. This means they are especially well-suited for use in a biogas plant, where it is essential that production is kept at the optimum temperature to produce the gas.

Biogas has become an increasingly important area for agriculture in the UK, with a growing number of farm-based anaerobic digestion (AD) plants. These are making an important contribution to protecting the environment. One survey showed that the amount of electricity generated by bioenergy rose by 40% between 2013 and 2014, while another report revealed there was a 57% rise in the number of AD plants outside the water industry between March 2013 and January 2015. This means there is a growing demand for equipment suitable to use in biogas facilities, such as submersible water pumps.

As well as being used in the biogas industry, underwater pumps are also suitable for feeding a separator.

Long Shaft Pumps

Long shaft pumps have a wide number of possible uses, including mixing, filling tankers and rinsing. They are often the preferred solution for transferring slurry over a short distance, for instance taking it from a reception pit into a larger storage area. As with submersible pumps, they are also suited to feeding separators. There is a choice of different Bauer models available from Tramspread, with the LP range being tractor driven pumps, while the LE range comes complete with an electric drive.

Both these types of pump are equipped with a highly effective stirring nozzle which can break up both fibrous materials and solids. This prevents them from becoming wound around the system and causing a blockage. Instead, the materials are turned into a pulp. The pump is also designed to prevent stones and other objects from being sucked in.

Tramspread supplies both Bauer’s submersible motor pump and long shaft pump ranges, supplying top quality models which have a long life span. Contact us for more information about these pumps.

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