Storz Couplings from Tramspread

Storz couplings are the perfect high quality attachment solution to accompany your drag hose. Choosing a good quality drag hose for your slurry application setup is essential, but you also need to also have suitable couplings to attach the hose to slurry stores and tankers or to join them to other hoses. For slurry application the particular features you need from a hose coupling are:

  • A watertight seal – to prevent leaks
  • Ease of use – fast to attach, lock and release
  • Strength – to withstand pressure inside and out
  • Ability to be drawn across a field without catching or adding drag resistance during slurry application.

To fulfil all these requirements, one of the key types of coupling that we recommend at Tramspread is Storz couplings.


Design of Storz Couplings

The basic design of Storz couplings was created by Carl Storz in 1882 and patented in 1890. Since then, the design has become a mainstay of many applications involving the delivery of liquids under pressure, particularly where fast attachment and release are critical, such as fire-fighting services.

There are 3 key aspects to the manufacture of Storz couplings:

Material – Storz couplings are typically made of metal, usually brass, stainless steel or aluminium. For slurry applications we recommend and supply aluminium couplings as these are the most resistant to corrosion.

Construction – For low pressure or "passive" applications (e.g. where fluids flow under the force of gravity or very low pressure) the couplings may be made using cast metal. But for high-pressure applications, where fluids are pumped at high pressure (e.g. fire fighting or slurry application) the couplings are made from forged metal, providing additional strength. The couplings we supply are made from forged metal for maximum toughness.

Internal Design – Inside the coupling there are two lug nuts, which interconnect with corresponding lug nuts within the connecting head when they are twisted together. Inside the head is a flange, typically made from nitrile rubber or a similar flexible material. Under pressure, this flange forms a watertight seal.

Benefits of Storz Couplings

The design of Storz couplings creates a number of useful benefits:

  • Any coupling can be fitted onto any other coupling (of the same diameter) – there is no "male" or "female" coupling type. This means that users do not need to stop and check whether they have the right gender of coupling – they can simply go ahead and make the connection. 
  • The coupling can be fully closed (or opened) with just a quarter turn, as opposed to requiring several turns using a screw thread coupling. As well as saving time generally, this is also a significant aid to usability in low visibility situations.
  • The absence of a screw thread also means there is no possibility of thread damage, which can compromise the seal or render a coupling unusable.
  • The coupling is bi-directional, so that fluid can flow along it in either direction. This may be especially useful for a hose attached to a slurry tanker, which may be used both to fill the tanker prior to spreading, and to empty it during spreading.
  • Because the connection of a Storz coupling is achieved internally, this means no external locking levers or other protrusions. This prevents accidental unlocking during dragging or handling, as well as removing one potential source of damage. It also allows more than one hose to be coupled together, to achieve a longer umbilical hose where necessary (e.g. for larger fields or longer distances between slurry store and field). This design also makes a Storz coupling very space efficient so that it takes up less room on a reeler, enabling greater reeler capacity.

Storz Couplings from Tramspread

Tramspread supplies genuine Storz couplings manufactured by Feuer-Vogel, in a range of diameters from 4 to 6 inch. Feuer-Vogel have been manufacturing Storz couplings since 1888, since soon after they were invented, so are considered the best quality hose couplings available on the market, in terms of durability and reliability. Although Feuer-Vogel are a specialist maker, their sophisticated CNC manufacturing methods allows them to produce high volumes, resulting in competitive prices.

To place an order for Storz couplings, or to discuss your requirements, please contact us.