Snap-Tite Drag Hose

If you are looking for a drag hose for applying slurry, irrigation or other fluid management applications, one of the manufacturers that Tramspread recommends is Snap-Tite.

We import the Snap-Tite hose from Ireland and provide it to customers across the UK. We also use Snap-Tite hoses within our own slurry spreading contractor business and so have firsthand experience of its quality.

What You Need from a Drag Hose

A good quality drag hose is an essential item of equipment required for umbilical slurry application, or for transferring slurry from one form of storage to another. During umbilical slurry spreading the hose connects the slurry source (remote tanker or slurry store) with the slurry pump as it is drawn across the land by tractor. Drag hoses are also used for irrigation, for transferring water to the places where it is needed on farms, or to assist with drainage.

For these applications, it is important to use a hose which is specifically designed to cater for this type of use, in order to achieve efficient application without leaks or spills. The key features to look for in a top quality drag hose are:

Flexibility – As its name implies, a drag hose is designed to be pulled behind a tractor and will need to turn through a wide variety of different angles while slurry or other liquids are being pumped through it. Therefore, the material it is made from needs to have a high tensile strength to enable it to bend easily without cracking and also without kinking or unduly deforming the cross-section of the hose, to maintain an even flow.

Durability – A good quality drag hose is a significant investment, so farmers need to be confident of many years of use. Both the outer and inner surfaces need to be made of exceptionally durable materials, to withstand external bumps or scratches, or to avoid damage from being stepped on or driven over. It also needs to be corrosion resistant on the inside. As well as being strong enough to avoid being damaged in use, it is also essential to avoid leaks of slurry or other potentially noxious liquids. Uncontrolled slurry spills can render areas of land unusable for periods of time, which can be costly. Finally, a slurry hose needs to be able to withstand prolonged exposure to outdoor conditions, both in use or in storage. This includes being able to work within a wide range of temperatures all year round, and being resistant to UV light, mildew and fungus.

Performance Under Pressure – A hose of this type is designed to work with a pump, which creates a pressure on the tubing during use. The hose needs to be resistant to elongation under this type of continuous pressure, in order to maintain its shape and allow smooth flow.

Lightweight – A single hose may need to be up to a kilometre (1000 metres) in length, in order to enable slurry application to very large fields, so it's important for the materials used for the tubing to be as light as possible, to aid ease of movement and minimise the power required to drag the hose.

Variety of Diameters – Different diameters are needed to cater for different types of liquid with varying viscosities. While water and other free-flowing liquids can be easily pumped through a lower diameter hose, thicker liquids, or those containing some solid matter, will require larger diameters to achieve a good flow rate and to minimise the chance of blockages. In addition you may require a specific diameter of hose to fit existing couplings on tankers or slurry stores.

The Snap-Tite Drag Hose

The Snap-Tite drag hose is designed to meet all the criteria listed above.

It is constructed from extremely tough polyurethane, reinforced with a layer of polyester fabric within it. The polyurethane and fabric are extruded together during the single-stage construction process, ensuring the fabric is completely embedded. The result is an exceptionally durable hose, particularly resistance to abrasion – estimated to be around 5 times more resistant than that of a nitrile rubber hose.

We offer 2 models of Snap-Tite polyurethane hose:

  • IR Blue – Has a wall thickness of 3.3mm
  • TS Brown – Has a wall thickness of 3.8mm

It has a wide working and storage temperature range of between -60°F and +180°F (-51°C to +82°C) and is resistant to both Ozone and UV light.




Related Equipment and Accessories

As well as supplying drag hoses, Tramspread also supplies all the other umbilical equipment needed to apply slurry – including pumps, hose reelers and applicators.

This includes a range of Bauer and Storz couplings, providing a secure, accurate fit between your hose and your slurry tank or store. The Storz couplings are especially suitable for applications involving a lot of movement of the hose (as occurs in umbilical slurry spreading) as the design features a unique swivel joint, allowing the tubing to move through a much greater range of motion, minimising twisting to the hose.

To find out more about the Snap-Tite Drag Hose, click here or call us on 01449 766133.