Importance of Using a Slurry Flow Meter

When spreading any type of slurry or digestate, accuracy is essential. This means it is important to monitor the spreading process with a slurry flow meter, so that you can be sure of consistent application across the area which is being treated.

Using a high-quality meter, supplied by Tramspread, means you can be confident about a precise level of nutrients being applied per square metre. Enough slurry must be used to get the optimum yield from the specific field – the level of application always needs to be tailored to the type of soil, the weather conditions and the crops you intend to grow, as well as a number of other factors.

At the same time as ensuring that enough slurry is applied, however, it is equally vital not to use more than is needed. This is important for several reasons. One is that over-application is a waste of valuable slurry resources, meaning you spend more than is necessary. Slurry is one of the most cost-effective ways of fertilising agricultural land, but only if the application is carried out properly.

Spreading too much slurry can also lead to a number of pollution issues which could risk failing to comply with legal regulations, especially if it involves contamination of soil or water courses.




How Flow Meters Work

Various different types and designs of flow meter are available – choosing the best one depends on the application and the type of liquid being measured. Electro-magnetic meters are typically used for slurry and corrosive liquids, because they are able to measure these substances accurately.

Keeping accurate records is essential to know exactly how much slurry has been spread in every field, and to demonstrate full regulatory compliance.  Today’s modern slurry flow meter designs can help to achieve this. A flow meter can be used in conjunction with mapping software, enabling farmers and contractors to map out a field and keep track of exactly where slurry and digestate are being spread, avoiding any risk of over or under-application. 

Slurry Flow Meters from Tramspread

If you are looking for a meter to monitor slurry spreading, Tramspread supplies the Krohne Optiflux 2100w Flowmeter, a high-quality product which complies with many official standards. It is known for being highly reliable and durable, needing little maintenance to keep it in good working order. This model of meter is used in the waste water industry and other sectors as well as for slurry, which is a testament to its quality.

To monitor slurry application, the Optiflux 2100w can be easily installed within the pipeline, positioned either near to the pump or on the applicator.  It has strong liners which are resistant to slurry, and will measure the flow rate accurately, usually in m3 per hour.

As well as supplying the flow meter itself, we also supply other high-tech equipment which can be combined with it to provide comprehensive monitoring. The RDS Delta 34i is a highly accurate regulation system which incorporates a speed sensor and offers a range of data logging capabilities. Operators can read the data on its own screen, while records can also be downloaded to a computer via an SD card.

We also supply the Tramspread ISOBUS raven box, which can be used to attach the Krohne Optiflux flow meter to the tractor’s ISOBUS (communications data network), so that data from the tractor’s screen can be downloaded. This can also be used together with GPS to access full field mapping, which again is available to download onto your PC.  Tramspread has also been working in conjunction with John Deere on a new slurry monitoring system, which reads the nutrients while the liquid is being pumped.

As well as supplying slurry flow meters, at Tramspread we also use this equipment in our own service as slurry spreading contractors, to ensure accurate application and correct levels of nutrients.

Throughout the agricultural sector, there is increasing awareness of how precision and measurement can improve yields and cost-effectiveness for farmers and contractors. Using flow meters is all part of this, bringing an accurate and scientific approach which will help to maximise yields.

For more information about our slurry monitoring equipment and flow meters, contact Tramspread.