Joskin Slurry Tankers – Features and Options

Digestate and slurry handling specialists Tramspread recommend and supply Joskin slurry tankers to their agricultural clients throughout East Anglia.

What are Slurry Tankers?

Slurry tankers provide an alternative to umbilical slurry spreading when it is desirable, for whatever reason, to apply slurry directly from a tanker attached to a tractor. A slurry tanker performs three main functions:

Storage – A tanker may act as a temporary slurry store for slurry that is generated on site, or for delivered slurry. Having a temporary place to store slurry allows flexibility in terms of application timing (e.g. to ensure correct weather conditions) rather than having to apply it immediately.

Transport – A tanker enables slurry to be transported to the land where it is to be applied. While umbilical slurry spreading is often the application method of choice, it does require accessibility – for remote fields or on some terrain, a tanker is the only viable option.

Spreading – A tanker is also a key part of the spreading operation and is fitted with a variety of tubing and accessories, as well as being mounted on wheels to allow it to be drawn by a tractor.

However, Joskin slurry tankers are much more than a slurry store on wheels. They are available with more than 70 basic options, all customisable with hundreds of different features and accessories to achieve the exact solution to fit each farmer's needs. But with so many options, choosing the right combination can appear overwhelming at first.

However, it is in fact fairly straightforward to home in on the right setup by looking at your particular slurry spreading requirements. Here we take you through the main factors involved in selecting the right Joskin tanker arrangement for you.





The most basic decision to make is about the size of tank required. Joskin tankers are available in a wide range of capacities, from 2,500 litres (2.5m3), to 32,000 litres (32m3).

The capacity you need will depend very much on the size of fields that you want to apply slurry to, but may also be affected by other factors. For instance, if you want to restrict the amount of compression to the land as a result of slurry spreading, you may prefer a smaller, lighter tanker.

Number of Wheels

Joskin tankers are available with either 2, 4 or 6 wheels. The number of wheels broadly relates to tanker size – so large tankers will generally have more wheels than smaller ones. However, the number of wheels also affects the distribution of pressure on the land, so you may prefer a 4 wheel option over a 2 wheel option if minimising compression is a concern for you.

Type of Pump

A Joskin slurry tanker can be equipped with a range of different pumps to suit the type of slurry you are spreading, the power you require, and so on. You will need to consider two types of pumping requirement – filling from an external store, and emptying during spreading. There are 5 basic types of pump available: Storm system, Garda system, Vacuum pump, Centrifugal lobe pump and Centrifugal spiral pump, with variations in speed, power and capacity available across the range, although not all pump options are available on all models.


Once you have chosen a capacity, number of wheels and pump type, there may still be more than one Joskin tanker model to choose from. There are 12 basic models in the Joskin range: ALPINA2, MODULO2, KOMFORT2, COBRA, DELTA2, TETRAX2, VOLUMETRA, QUADRA, X-TREM, VACU-CARGO, TETRALINER and Q-BIGLINER.

Choosing between models depends on a variety of factors but one of the most important is terrain. Different models have different ground clearance heights, centre of gravity and suspension systems, so that some are better for roads and smooth, flat terrain, while others are designed to deal with rougher terrain, steeper slopes and obstacles.

Another factor is manoeuvrability, so a short tank with a larger diameter (e.g. the COBRA) enables tighter turns, compared to a longer, thinner tank shape.

Different models also have differing types of pre-equipment fitted, and different drawbars and linkage systems – so the type of tractor you intend to use may also affect your choice.

Options and Accessories

One you have chosen a basic tanker type, there are a huge number of options and accessories to choose from to create the perfect setup for your particular operation.

Options and accessories vary by tank model, but include steering axles, grip and drive systems, braking systems, management and monitoring, hitching accessories, driving accessories, pumping tools and accessories, scattering attachments, macerators/choppers and many others – all of which are designed to make the physical process of slurry spreading easier, or improve the accuracy or efficiency of application.

Joskin Slurry Tankers Supplied by Tramspread

Tramspread is an official dealer for Joskin slurry tankers in the UK and can supply any specification of tanker required. As we are also slurry spreading contractors we fully understand the practical challenges of slurry management and application, and we have the expertise to help you decide on the right setup for your needs, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Joskin Slurry Tankers – We welcome enquiries and are happy to discuss your requirements.