The Gollmer & Hummel Drag Hose from Tramspread


Tramspread supplies various different types of Gollmer & Hummel drag hose, which are suitable for slurry spreading and a range of other agricultural applications.

Here we look at how they are made, the features they have which make them such a distinctive, quality product, and the types of drag hose in this range which are available from Tramspread.

Design and Construction

A Gollmer & Hummel drag hose has a number of manufacturing features which mark it out as a leading name in the field. Their inner and outer layers are both very smooth, offering minimal pressure loss and plenty of flexibility. In the heavier-duty products, both layers are made out of polyurethane,

They are also extremely strong. They are built to withstand high operating pressures, and have a high tensile strength. The round-woven polyester yarn fabric insert is aimed at providing additional strength.

All of this means they are highly durable and long-lasting, which is important as they can represent a major investment.

Suitability for Slurry Spreading

Any drag hose made by Gollmer and Hummel has a number of common features which make them highly suited to use in slurry spreading.

The protection they can offer against ozone damage and UV rays mean they provide plenty of defence against outdoor light. The hoses are highly resistant to chemicals. This is important, as drag hoses come into contact with agri-chemicals such as fertilisers, aggressive organic compounds found in slurry, and oil and petrol.

Gollmer & Hummel drag hoses are also designed to work efficiently under pressure. Because they are usually attached to a pump, this creates a pressure on the tubing. Gollmer and Hummel drag hoses use a special fabric construction which means that they lose significantly less pressure than other types of drag hose.

Elongation or kinking is kept to a minimum during use. This means that it is easier to maintain a higher pressure, and there is less chance of any of the slurry or liquid spilling during the spreading process. The hoses also have a lay-flat design, saving valuable storage space when they are not being used.

Gollmer & Hummel Drag Hoses from Tramspread – and Their Applications

Tramspread can supply the following types of drag hose from Gollmer & Hummel:

  • The Hilcoflex Agro. This nitrile rubber drag hose is best suited to lighter applications, such as dragging on grass or being used as the supply hose directly off the pump. These can also be used for general irrigation, and transporting sludge and waste water.
  • The Hilcoflex PU. This is a multi-purpose polyurethane drag hose, which means that it is much harder-wearing than the Hilcoflex Agro. Its recommended uses include dragging over cultivated land, stubbles or cereal crops. It can also be used in the construction and mining industries as well as general irrigation. 
  • The Hilcoflex PU Drag. Like the Hilcoflex PU, this is also made from polyurethane. It is a thick-walled, heavy duty drag hose, and can be used for dragging over rough, stony land which is highly abrasive. It can be used as a transport hose between any lagoon or field, or as a trailing hose directly behind the tractor.

If you would like to place an order for a Gollmer & Hummel drag hose, or to talk to us at Tramspread about what you need, then click on the link