Engine Driven Pump


When a farm needs to spread slurry, choosing an engine driven pump is an economical and efficient solution. Each farm’s individual requirements are different, so the ideal is if you can have a pump built to meet your specific needs. This is a service which Tramspread offers to agricultural clients all over East Anglia, including farms in Suffolk, Essex and Hertfordshire.

The top brands whose parts Tramspread uses to build systems include Bauer, Murphy and Honda. You can be sure of the quality of all the pumps we supply.

Where Engine Driven Pumps Are Used

Spreading organic matter on soil can bring savings on artificial fertilisers and also prove beneficial for the environment. Slurry spreading should be carried out regularly for maximum effectiveness, and on average farms might typically need to carry out three applications per year.

One major advantage of using engine driven pumps is that, because they are driven by their own engine, there is no need to use a tractor to drive the pump for a long period. This means you are not clocking up countless hours on what might be a very expensive tractor, causing unnecessary wear and tear. It’s also more economical to run this type of pump as opposed to a PTO driven pump.

Tramspread’s highly efficient applicators achieve even and low spreading, so that the slurry gets to the part of the soil where it is needed. Low-level spread means the application will achieve maximum effectiveness while at the same time ensuring minimal odour. The pump units we build can be adapted to fit your individual requirements. As well as spreading slurry, the pumps are also suitable to use for irrigation.

Features of Engine Driven Pumps

Tramspread can build an engine driven pump with a diesel engine which is attached to a Bauer Magnum SX 2000 slurry pump featuring a 6ins inlet and a 4ins outlet. The engine will be equipped with a control panel made by Murphy, which protects against the water temperature rising too high or the oil pressure falling too low, and also includes an hour meter and a rev counter. Bauer Magnum slurry pumps additionally feature a special chopper which can deal with straw, sludge and other solids within the liquid and avoid the risk of blockages.

We can also build engine driven umbilical slurry pump units to meet individual requirements. Among the options are radio control, which allows the pump to be operated from a distance and mounting on a skid frame. Flow meters are another high-tech feature, which can be used to keep an eye on how the application is working and the level of slurry which has been applied to every area of the field, so this information can be referred to in the future if required. Pressure gauges and a 3-way valve enabling return to store are other key features.

The pumps supplied by Tramspread can be used together with an extensive choice of applicators. These include dribble bars, which put fertiliser directly on to the surface of the field, or twin nozzle booms for spreading at a low level. Another option is Joskin trailing shoe applicators, which create shallow clefts in the soil to ensure the slurry is placed into the crop rather than on top of it, increasing the level of nutrient absorption.

Contractor Service

As well as building and supplying engine driven pumps to suit your needs, Tramspread offers a contracting service using umbilical systems for customers across East Anglia, spreading 600,000 cubic metres of digestate and slurry annually. We have two engine driven trailer pumping units, one featuring an 8.6m long trailer and the other featuring a 7.3m trailer. Our contracting service uses the latest technology, including full monitoring and recording and testing the slurry for nutrient value.

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