Umbilical Slurry Spreading & Digestate Spreading

TRAMSPREAD Contracting LTD specialise in umbilical slurry and digetate spreading, typically applying over 600,000m³ each year throughout East Anglia and beyond with seventy five percent being applied in the spring as an organic fertiliser top dressing to growing crops via the TRAMSPREAD 24m Dribble Bars.

All of our TRAMSPREAD umbilical systems are equipped with state of the art technology enabling accurate application, monitoring, mapping and recording.

We regard all slurry and digestate as valuable organic fertiliser and always test for nutrient value, enabling us to know how much to apply. Then of course, the farmer can work out what saving is being made on artificial fertiliser.



Please contact Larry Baker on 07823 402815 to discuss your requirements or for further advice.