The Joskin Trailing Shoe is available in widths from 3m to 7.74m

  • TRAMSPREAD umbilical kit
  • Galvanised frame
  • Galvanised free steering elements made up of self-sharpening shares
  • Flow meter ready
  • Joskin Scalper macerator
  • Hydraulic folding
  • Optional Purge Valve (“for when you know that first plug of thick s##t is going to block the macerator!”)
  • Also for use with slurry tanker

The trailing shoe places the slurry where it is needed below the crop canopy so the chance of scorch and odour emission is virtually non-existent and the nutrient uptake is much higher. With 28 coulters spaced at 21.5cms apart, the 6m Joskin Trailing Shoe is particularly well suited for Umbilical use as it easily copes with the supply from a modern slurry pump.

trailing-shoe-applicators-2.jpg trailing-shoe-applicators-3.jpg