The TRAMSPREAD 6m Dribble/12m twin nozzle spread Combination Bar is one machine capable of performing two duties.

combination-2.jpgWith left and right sluice valves closed and central sluice valve open, slurry is delivered to the Joskin macerator and evenly distributed down the dribble outlets to the ground. To switch from 6m Dribble to 12m Twin Nozzle Spread, simply open the left and right sluice valves and close the central sluice valve, thus directing the slurry away from the macerator and along the booms, achieving a 12m wetted width.

Without macerator, TRAMSPREAD Combination Bars are available in 6m Dribble/12m Twin Nozzle spread and 7m Dribble/18m Twin Nozzle spread.


When used as a Dribble Bar, unique TRAMSPREAD Pinch Valves balance the pressure in the boom before allowing slurry to the ground, thus giving even distribution. To change from Dribble to Twin Nozzle spread, simply fold each dribble hose around its respective pinch valve. This effectively closes off all dribble outlets. Remove end caps and fix in place the 90° nozzle bodies and Bauer spread nozzles.